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Traditional Sewer Repair 


You are a homeowner who is not equipped to handle the gas line repair in your house. You know that it needs to be done properly if you want to avoid future problems, so you decide it’s time for professional help. You call up a plumber and set up an appointment for them to come over the next day. The plumber arrives on time and gets right down to business. He tells you exactly what he is doing at every step of the way, from turning off your water supply lines to inspecting your old pipes with his wrench and flashlight. It turns out that there was nothing wrong with your pipes after all! They were just getting clogged because too much lint had collected inside their filter screens- a problem that could have been fixed.


During traditional sewer repair, experts use a backhoe to dig a trench they use to access your main sewer line. Technicians locate the sewer line problem at the source and take appropriate and effective action to fix it. Traditional sewer repair is required if large segments of the sewer line need to be replaced entirely. It’s very effective, but your yard will have to be partially dug up. Visit Calabasas Plumbing and Call Van Nuys Plumbing Service

How Can I Tell If My Sewer Line Is Damaged? 

One or two of these symptoms doesn’t necessarily guarantee a sewer line problem, but if you have them
you should consider having us out to at least perform a thorough inspection. Call Los Angeles Toilet Repairs

Sewage Backups: If water or sewage periodically flows back up through your drains, it may be
because there’s a blockage in the main sewer line preventing that sewage from flowing out of your home. More info on Water Heaters

Drain Blockage: If you tend to experience drain blockages frequently, or if several or all of your drains clog simultaneously, it may be because of a blockage or clog in the main sewer line. Check out Drains Cleaning 

Sewer Gas Smell: Damage to the sewer line may cause raw sewage to leak or seep out, flow back upwards through your home’s pipes, or sit stagnant inside your pipes. You may be able to smell the foul-smelling gases generated by this sewage in or around your house. More info here: Hydro-Jetting

Slow Draining: When build-up or clogs accumulate on your sewer line’s walls, sewage may have a hard time travelling through it at a normal speed. Slowdown in the sewer line below will eventually slow down your drains, too. Contact Los Angeles PEX Water Line

Wet or Soft Spots in Yard: When sewer lines leak, they expel sewage water out into the ground around them. This sewage can permeate the ground and rise, eventually softening the yard or even flooding it. Contact Shower Valve Repair Los Angeles 

A leaky gas line can be a major problem to your home. It’s important you get it fixed as soon as possible because natural gas is not only an affordable and clean-burning fuel, but also has the power to do some serious damage if left unchecked. A good way of ensuring that this doesn’t happen is by getting regular inspections for any corrosion or leakage from licensed plumbers who are qualified in identifying these issues before they become too dangerous.

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