Forex TradingGitHub vs GitLab: Key Similarities and Differences

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difference between gitlab and github

In contrast, with GitHub, most core platform features are available across all plans, but pricing increases based on usage. Two of the most popular platforms for software developers to collaborate are GitHub vs GitLab. Choosing the right one for you and your business can be challenging, as they’re both popular for a reason. We will go over both platforms to see what each has to offer and which one is right for you. Before code merged into the main project, MRS provided a mechanism for testing and evaluating it.

Planning for Future Growth

Using our policy editor, you can customize approval rules to meet your business’ compliance needs and reduce risk. AI should help developers accomplish all of their software development and deployment tasks, not just create faster code. While a quarter of developer’s time is spent coding, fully 75% is spent on all other tasks like testing, securing, and analyzing software. GitHub has an integrated issue tracker that makes it easy to keep track of bugs and feature requests in your project. This tracker is visually appealing and comes complete with labels, milestones, assignees, and more, so you can easily stay organized while collaborating on code with other developers.

GitLab vs GitHub: Key Differences

GitLab and GitHub both offer compliance features that help you achieve that. While GitLab offers a compliance dashboard that helps meet regulations, GitHub provides templates. When it comes to customization, GitLab turns the tables as it allows you to configure the GitLab instance to meet your specific needs.

A few alternatives to GitHub and GitLab

Both platforms provide a variety of developer tools, in addition to the project management and security services mentioned above. GitLab’s tooling is more extensive in some respects, which may be an advantage for developers who want to stick with just one platform for all of their needs. The fact that GitLab offers an extensive set of integrated security tools is also an advantage for enterprises that seek to prioritize software security. GitLab supports source code analysis, vulnerability scanning, Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), and more. GitHub also offers some built-in security services, but they are not as extensive, so enterprises would need to rely on third-party tools to secure all stages of the software delivery pipeline on GitHub. As we’ve seen above, there are several differences between these two popular software development platforms, from enterprise-level capabilities to integrations & more.

Data Privacy and Security

GitLab Flow gives the user a broader overview of what the software can process at the moment. Both GitLab and GitHub allow you to create repositories for your code, manage permissions, and collaborate with other developers on projects. For example, GitLab offers continuous integration, time tracking, and backups by default. With GitHub, however, you’d need an app for that functionality, such as the free CI app Jenkins.

  1. By having test results, security reviews, performance tests, the code climate, and everything in the merge requests, Chorus has been able to move quickly.
  2. It is the largest host of source code in the world, at the time of writing it has over 65 million users and over 30 million public repos.
  3. It also automatically keeps teams up-to-date on code changes, when a feature is ready for release, and what work needs to be completed.
  4. The aim of Git is to manage software development projects and its files, as they are changing over time.
  5. That said, GitLab does offer integrations with some third-party programs and platforms such as Jira, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Gmail, and numerous other apps and platforms.

Which platform is better for large teams?

GitLab has clearly been addressing the DevOps market earlier than its competitor as well as offering an operations dashboard that lets you understand the dependencies of your development and DevOps efforts. Now, we’re taking it a step further to unite development and operations in one user experience. The GitLab vs GitHub debate underscores their importance, especially in large teams.

Similar to GitHub, Bitbucket has its own marketplace for third-party apps and integrations. Bitbucket doesn’t have a single flow they recommend above others but they do have documentation comparing the options. Atlassian has an open beta of Atlassian Intelligence available for Bitbucket, but it has a lot fewer features than Copilot or Duo, like no in-code suggestions. You can publish a static website using Bitbucket cloud but it isn’t a dedicated service like the others offer. If self-hosting is a top priority for you and your project, then the only real option is GitLab, as GitHub doesn’t provide an option for this. GitHub flow prioritizes speed by having feature branches merged directly into the production branch.

GitLab also offers more visibility and control, especially for larger teams, with detailed insights into code status, quality, and more. If you’re working on projects with high-security requirements, GitLab’s fine-grained access controls and required code reviews can be beneficial. Lastly, GitLab’s pricing structure can be more cost-effective for larger teams. GitLab offers a free plan with unlimited private repositories, making it more cost-effective for small to medium-sized teams. In contrast, GitHub has free plans for public repositories but has paid options for private repositories. GitLab, developed in 2011, is also a web-based platform offering version control functionalities similar to GitHub.

A common way of working with Git is for each developer to work on their own “branch” of the code. It can be used both for small projects consisting only of a few lines of code to very large projects such as the Linux kernel project which has over 27 million lines of code and over 1 million commits. At any time a developer can look back through the history of the changes to figure out when something was changed, why it was changed, or to revert to a previous version. And if you’re ready to try out a customer feedback software, Usersnap offers a free trial. Usersnap can seamlessly connect with GitHub and GitLab issues, streamlining the bug reporting process.

difference between gitlab and github

GitLab is also a Git repository platform that allows developers to collaborate on code with an emphasis on DevOps workflow and continuous integration, with over 30 million users as of January 2023. As organizations evaluate options that offer the ‘3-way’ diff merge, they are turning to GitLab, another leading repository management solution for software development. In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of Bitbucket vs. GitLab and take a closer look at what this change in Bitbucket means for software developers. We also help you decide which DevOps tool is best for your development teams.

One of the crucial things that makes this happen is the automated testing tool that automatically scans code for potential security risks. Working only within GitLab, your development team can focus on pushing minor updates live multiple times per day, rather than batching them into big releases. Neither GitHub nor GitLab offers dynamic server-side processing, as you’d need with PHP or ASP files. Both GitHub and GitLab offer free static web pages with information about your software project and repository.

difference between gitlab and github

On the flip side, GitLab has more premium features, incredible security, easier code creation, and versioning abilities. However, these extra features might prove to be relatively more costly. We recommend choosing based on what you need, that’s the only wake to make the most out of each platform.

difference between gitlab and github

When it comes to a deployment platform, GitLab has a more streamlined solution with a dedicated service built-in. GitLab makes use of Kubernetes to provide a unified deployment experience in a single app. Third-party platforms such as Heroku are needed by GitHub to deploy applications. You may establish private issues in GitLab that are only available to project participants with the Reporter access level or higher.

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